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Adobe asked us to create a small activation to launch Adobe Stock in the Netherlands. So, we looked for inspiration in our own studio and saw art directors constantly hover designers. That insight was the foundation of our idea: You can keep up with Hovering Art Directors using Adobe stock.

We pitched the a 2 minute film to Adobe but they soon realized this idea had much more potential than just being a film so they asked us to turn it into a global campaign that could run in multiple markets. We created a fully integrated campaign including a main launch film, 13 unique pre-rolls that highlight the features of Adobe Stock, webinars and a talking Hovering Art Director action toy.

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We collaborated with Yum Yum London to create a custom Hovering Art Director action figure. To launch the toy we created an animation film that showcased all the things it could say. 


Bert Marissen 
Updated July 2021

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