For back to school season Fruit of the Loom wanted to extend their current campaign — parents can’t be prepared for everything — with social activation.


Kids say the darndest things. And, parents love sharing the cute, and even unexpected things their kids say on social media.


A social contest centered around social sharing by turning real quotes parents shared online into hand stitched pillows — and giving followers online a chance to win their own.

Contest Announcement

We announced the contest with a branded content film featuring real quotes we found online that parents had shared

How did it work?

Simple. To enter content people just had to comment on the video with their quote.


In a two week time-span we received over two thousand comments on both Instagram and Facebook. We ended up choosing the ten best quotes submitted and making them special edition hand stitched pillows that were sent to them directly.

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My Role


My role was connecting the existing campaign insight to a cultural insight — resulting in the the ideation of the pillows parents will use to brag about the weird and funny things their kids say.


The production was completely internal and each scene of the shoot was art directed and directed by myself and my teammate. We used our creative directors house for the entire shoot and half a day — we brought along our own extra pillows and blankets to fill the space and had a blast with our team. The entire project was created for less than $30k.

Art Direction

Each pillow was hand made by cross-stitch artists based on templates that I designed in Illustrator.