Inverse by HomeStart



In 2021, real estate sales in the metaverse topped $500 million. In that same year, 1 million Americans were evicted from their homes.

With Inverse Apartments, by HomeStart, we created a one-to-one equation around the concept of “home”: buy a home in the metaverse, help a real family avoid eviction. 100% of the proceeds of every unit sold went to HomeStart, dedicated to preventing homelessness before it starts, proving that the metaverse can be a force for good. 

In early April, we received a request to help an iniative devoted to giving frontline workers access to free mental health counseling during the COVID-19 crisis. In a matter of days we’d taken them on as a pro bono client at Chiat Day.

We began by giving their project a new name, a logo and a design system. All subsequent messaging was laser-focused on one thing: letting frontline workers and their friends and familes know that this crucial resource existed. I worked on all the art direction and worked with a New York Times photojournalist-turned-EMT Andrew Reniessen, among others.