Jack in the Box:
The Return of Mark Hamill



True story: actor Mark Hamill worked the Jack in the Box drive-thru in the 70’s, before he was called on to save the galaxy. He didn’t last long -- he was fired for using a crazy clown voice over the intercom.

In this campaign, CEO Jack Box brings back 2 popular menu items, and, while he’s at it, his most popular former employee. We put Jack and Mark together in TV spots, “behind the scenes” Tik Tok content and a printed comic book detailing their storied history. And, of course, we put Mark right back in the drive-thru window and let him get up to his old tricks with unsuspecting customers.

The campaign was featured on Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight and elsewhere.

In early April, we received a request to help an iniative devoted to giving frontline workers access to free mental health counseling during the COVID-19 crisis. In a matter of days we’d taken them on as a pro bono client at Chiat Day.

We began by giving their project a new name, a logo and a design system. All subsequent messaging was laser-focused on one thing: letting frontline workers and their friends and familes know that this crucial resource existed. I worked on all the art direction and worked with a New York Times photojournalist-turned-EMT Andrew Reniessen, among others.