Campaign & Opportunity

In our 2015 brand campaign for Volkswagen, we showed a mom expecting a stroller to brake automatically, just like her VW — because once you’re used to a certain level of quality it’s hard going back. One Facebook comment that sparked a spirited debate on new uses for VW break assist technology, creating an opportunity to strengthen the relationship with Volkswagen’s most dedicated brand ambassadors.


Respond to Timo’s Facebook comment and create a Volkswagen stroller with cruise control and automatic braking designed in collaboration with Volkswagen engineers.


We wanted bring this conversation to a larger audience, while highlighting two of VW’s most innovative technologies: adaptive cruise control and automatic braking. It’s not often that you get the chance to truly bring your audience’s collective imagination to life, so we jumped right on the opportunity to create a great innovation that made VW relevant beyond cars.

Branded Content

To really prove VW’s positioning as a user-centric innovator, we invited Timo as ambassador of the 180,000 Facebook fans, to the Volkswagen HQ to help us build the next generation baby stroller to showcase VW’s two main technologies: adaptive cruise control and automatic braking. We made a short film referencing our campaign, telling Timo’s story and introducing the stroller as if it could be the next new product coming from Volkswagen.

PR Strategy

We sent out press releases to various publications, with specific narratives for each relevant reader groups (parents/mothers, automotive, tech and gadget). Initially, we aimed for 300,000 views generated by earned media. At the end of the campaign over 400 online publications had written about our video including Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and Yahoo. Volkswagen got showered with questions from all over the world.


The Volkswagen Stroller was viewed 2,231,864 times with an engagement rate of 1.2% and the video got shared vociferously on social media reaching a total of 5,494,500 impressions.

Awards & Featured: Creativity Online Editors Pick, Buzzfeed, Adweek, Huffington Post, Gizmodo, Digg, Yahoo, & Popsugar




My Role

The Volkswagen Stroller

The brief was to extend our campaign commercials on Facebook with a social campaign. I was responsible for ideation, presentation, and production of the branded content film. The production was hands on and improvised as we fly as we wanted to capture real reactions from people and use the locations in a natural way.

The Demanding Family

I was a part of a team of four creatives that wrote scripts based on the insight. We worked for weeks coming up with the best scenarios that were both relatable and fun. This was one of the first projects I had the opportunity to work on with experienced creatives and directors and really shaped how I moved forward concepting and presenting the work.